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FLEET Management – Operative Leasing

We shall take a complete care of your car park, its administration and funding as well as the reverse leasing of the vehicles or their sale. The leasing arranged based on your requirements and criteria, for a bound period of time as chosen by you – FULL SERVICE Leasing with a closed calculation, with all the concerns related to the operation of vehicles and its administration being handled by us.

GlobalCar Leas Advantages

  • Leasing made-to-measure
  • No hidden charges
  • We shall take a complex care of you and your car park
  • VIP prices for all four of our services
  • Alternative car during the whole time of repair
  • Service care of your car park
  • NON-STOP line from GlobalCar
  • Reporting
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  • Obligatory contractual insurance extended
  • Complete collision insurance (crash, theft, disaster, stealth, accident etc.) within the range of the whole EU
  • Liquidation of insurance events
  • Possibility of additional insurance: Accident Insurance, GAP Insurance, Baggage Insurance, Front Window Insurance
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NON-STOP assistance

  • NON-STOP call centre 7 days a week, 24 hours a day within
    the range of the coverage of the whole Slovak Republic and EU
  • Quick solution of occurring situations directly with an expert
    from the assistance service anywhere in SR and EU
  • In case of a disabled vehicle, we shall immediately provide you
    with the following:
    • towage service and repair of the car
    • alternative car anywhere in Slovakia as well as in EU
    • provision of accommodation, alternative transport
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Alternative Vehicle

  • In case of a breakdown, crash or a service operation,
    we shall immediately provide you with an alternative vehicle
  • Provision of a vehicle anywhere in Slovakia and EU
  • Guarantee of the lowest price for a temporary or alternative
    vehicles by means of our Car Rental
  • Advantageous hire of a vehicle by means of our Car Rental
    even in case you do not have a right for an alternative vehicle
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Service, Repair and Maintenance

  • Closed calculation – a fixed payment of monthly installments
    during the whole leasing period without any additional hidden charges
  • Services included in the monthly installment for your vehicle:
    regular service, repairs, security repairs, maintenance, spare parts,
    after-guarantee service, tire exchange etc.
  • Provision of a service inspection anywhere in Slovakia
  • Pick up service. Haulage and arrival of the vehicle to and from
    the service by our staff
  • Cleaning of the vehicles during each service inspection, deep
    cleaning at least once a year
  • In case the service operation takes more than 24 hours, we shall
    provide an alternative vehicle
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  • We shall provide you with a set of tires according to the
    season and provide the storage and exchange of tires
  • A possibility to choose out of three tire classes:
    • Lower tire class
    • Medium tire class
    • Higher tire class
    • Mobile PNEU service: exchange of tires of your vehicle
      anytime and anywhere you need
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Non-cash Fuelling

  • Fuelling by means of fuelling cards shall enable you to have a complex
    overview in terms of the consumption and kind of fuels in your car park
    and hence, to have the expenses on petroleum, oils and lubricants
    (hereinafter as driving fuels) under control
  • Driving fuels fuelling cards (CCS, OMV, SHELL etc.)
  • Non-cash fuelling of driving fuels within the whole SR and EU
  • Regular overviews by means of reports and a collection invoice
    regarding the driving fuels for each vehicle individually
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  • Information about your vehicles, their condition and about the car park
  • Overviews regarding the driving fuels
  • Overviews regarding the insurance events and the overall condition of the vehicle
  • Overviews regarding the alternative vehicle, number of days, type
  • Overviews regarding the kilometers driven, service inspections
  • Overviews regarding the tire, their number, condition and profile depth
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In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.






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