Branded warranty and post-warranty
service for your car.


Do not wait in lines to have your tires exchanged

Focus on your job and let us trained team to take care of your tires. It shall take care of a proper exchange of tires, balancing and other operations related to the exchange of seasonal tires in your place of business by means of our Mobile Tire Service. After the operations are finished, we shall take the exchanged tires, check and service them and, consequently, store them.






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  • field of action within the whole Slovakia
  • professional services and exchange of tires of any size
  • favorable prices for the exchange of tires as well as for their storage
  • favorable prices for the purchase of tires and discs
  • repair of damaged tires
  • storage, cleaning and conservation of stored tires
  • report regarding the condition of tires after every exchange season
  • no waiting in lines to have the tires of the vehicle exchanged
    or the exchange of your fleet at your place
  • you do not have to waste your time travelling to and
    from the service or to saving a date, we shall arrive at your place
  • liquidation of old tires
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  • provision of the exchange of summer and winter
    tires of personal, utility and small cargo vehicles
  • exchange of run flat tires
  • repair of flat tires
  • storage and service of tires
  • tires and discs o all types and brands
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  • we are able to arrive at the seat of your company or at other place
    where we shall provide a complete exchange and balancing of tires
  • we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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