Lease terms and conditions

Necessary documents for the lease

Individual (Citizen of the Slovak republic):

ID card
driving license
passport / certificate of birth or other third document

Individual (foreigner):
driving license
credit card

Legal entity:
Certificate of incorporation, identity card and driving license of the person who will use the vehicle, reservation of the lease, trade certificate, power of attorney from the statutory representative if the contract is signed by another person.

Lease contract can be signed only by managing director or his authorized representative.

A. Leaser´s obligations

Leaser is obligated to draw up the lease contract with the lessee.

Leaser is obligated to provide lessee with the vehicle in proper technical condition, corresponding to traffic regulations in force.

B. Lessee´s obligations

To draw up and sign the contract before the vehicle rental.

To get familiar with the lease terms and conditions, eventually with conditions especially agreed in the contract,
and to to ensure compliance with the conditions.

Client has to be the owner of valid driving licence and ID card. The minimum age is 21 years old.

Client has to inform the leaser of his intention to travel abroad and of the destination, just before entering into the contract.

Lessee is obligated to comply with general binding rules of the road traffic. Penalties for their infringement are paid by the lessee.

To pay in advance the amount of the money for the estimated time of renting a car and deposit payment set by the leaser.

Lessee declares he got familiar with the prescribed conditions for use and maintenance of the vehicle by the leaser and with his duty to bring the vehicle to the leaser for performing compulsory inspections if he is using the car at the time when the inspections have to be performed.

To protect functional parts of the vehicle against damages, to control its condition, the amount and temperature of the coolant, temperature and the amount of oil in the engine, condition and air pressure of the tires and all parts of the vehicle, which are usually controlled during vehicle operation. If the customer fails to maintain or control of the vehicle and this negligence is the cause of damage, the customer is obliged to pay the damage suffered.

Not to lend the vehicle or not to let the other person than written in the contract drive it, not to participate in car racing, not to tow other vehicles and not to repair sealed vehicle parts.

Leaser must not drive other persons for a fee or transport cargo, and is not allowed to provide the third person with the rented car

To return in technical condition corresponding with that technical condition, in what it was rented based on the contract. Usual car wear has no effect on technical condition judgement.

Lessee is obligated to provide the fuels and other fillings, liquid refilling and small repairs like bulb exchange and puncture repairs at his own expense, Lessee declares he got familiar with suitable types of the fuels and other fillings for the vehicle left him to use. Lessee is obligated to store all the documents proving fuelling of all the liquids and to show them when returning the vehicle, if he is asked by the leaser.

In case of making dirty the exterior and interior of the vehicle, lessee pays a fee that will be set by the leaser, maximum to 99€.

To report to the authorities of Police immediately the emergence of any damage to the rented vehicle or participation in an accident, within 2 hours from the occurrence of such an event, to notify the leasor who will determine further procedure.

After the rental period finishes, to return the vehicle where it was agreed, or eventually to extend/prolong the contracted period and pay the agreed rent.

Failure to comply with the agreed conditions gives rise to claims for compensation under the Commercial Code and the possibility to withdraw from a contract.